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Computer Engineer

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    Is anyone here one? What kind of jobs can you get with this? Are there any branches to this. Like say after I finish my 4 years, can I branch off into a certain field?
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    Well i'm a 4th year student hehe. Not too far off from graduation and with some work experience under my belt in the form of a couple of coops. Sadly though, 4 years... way to be impossibly optimistic. It's usually a 5 year program following curriculum.

    The thing with engineering is that its very robust. Think of it this way, you get a computer engineering degree but the big broad picture is all basically electrical engineering or system engineering. However you look at it. The finer details, like taking operating systems instead of antenna design are just that. The details. In the real world you will probably have a lot of learning from scratch to do anyways if you choose to go into R&D. Engineers also become project managers a lot of the time. I was involved in that on my first coop. Quite different from my 2nd R&D one. Even the pay was better :P

    Usually though you can take an interrest in anything once you get near the end of your Bach. The bach is pretty general and doesn't offer many electives.

    Any advice i can give being engineering specific is "good choice" and "cover your bases". Also, if you like your sleep and being surrounded by girls wrong degree :( Anything else is really general to any sort of science degree.
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    Cryptograhpy is one hot thing going on right now where lots of money can be made.

    Are you interested in studying software engineering or more on the hardware side of things?
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    In my first year of CE, I found myself doing courses in circuits and logic systems. I'm still yet to take a course thats computer oriented. Is CE like EE and computer science put together? Look at me, just started my second year and dont even know what CE actually is...lol.

    What are some of these interests?

    I'm not really a software guy. I know a little C. For me, hardware is the way I wanna go.
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