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Computer Engineering Electives

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    I'm beginning to look into my electives for junior/senior year. My career goal is to be an Embedded Systems/Software Engineer involving RTOS, device drivers, microcontrollers etc. I have two sets of electives, need 2 classes from each set. In each set, I separated the courses into those that are CE and EE prefix courses for clarification. I'm just wondering if I can get some professional embedded software engineer/computer engineer input on which would be my best selection. The EE courses would require me to take an additional preparatory course, but I guess that's not too much if it prepares me better.

    1st set:
    Principles of Programming Languages
    Introduction to Theoretical Computer Science
    Signals & Systems
    Random Signal Analysis

    2nd set:
    Embedded Systems
    Compiler Construction
    Operating System Internals
    Distributed Software Development
    Design and Analysis of Algorithms
    Software Analysis and Design
    Real-Time DSP Systems
    Digital Signal Processing
    Communication Systems
    Feedback Systems
    Computer-Controlled Systems
    other CS/CE courses(I don't believe these are quite as relevant, but not entirely sure)
    Multimedia Information Systems
    Database Management
    Theory of Formal Languages
    Software QA and Testing
    Information Assurance
    Computer Systems Security
    Computer Network Security
    Computer Graphics
    Intro Artificial Intelligence
    Numerical Linear Algebraic Data Exploration
    Shape Analysis for Computer Vision and Graphics
    Social Media Mining
    Mobile Application Development

    ... from the first set I think the signals classes are more relevant but am not sure if i really need them. On the 2nd set, Embedded Systems Programming is probably an obvious choice but for the 2nd one I am kinda stumped..these seem most relevant: Real-Time DSP Systems, Computer-Controlled Systems, Digital Signal Processing, Feedback Systems...leaning towards taking Real_Time DSP Systems.??... I've thought about pattern recognition/radar systems so Shape Analysis for Computer Vision and Graphics or Multimedia Information Systems may also be relevant.
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