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Computer Engineering (hmmm)

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    The course has attracted me for two years now but I'm not quite sure exactly WHAT it is. If been told that it deals with both Electrical Engineering and Computer Sci. Also, would this be a good choice if I'm interested in cryptology?
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    a) Computer Engineering is a mix of computer science with an architecture bent (meaning operating systems, assembly, and the CPU/other hardware on the motherboard) and EE with a digital circuits bent. You get all the fundamental courses of each major (algorithms, data structures, circuits, communications, etc.) but instead of getting a broader picture or specializing (which is what upper level courses are supposed to be for), you're already locked into your specialty.

    b) No. You may not even have a chance to take a cryptography course in CS 'cause it may ot fit into your schedule, and you may not get the math needed. Hardware cryptography is done on the computer architecture level, so I don't see why you'd need any EE courses for it.
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    What kind of jobs can someone with a Computer Engineering degree get?
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    Programming jobs, embedded systems (think oven led panel), integrated circuits, chip desgin, specialized hardware (like video cards) design, and similar. Sys admin jobs and network admin jobs if you do well in the communications and networking courses.
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    Thanks story645.
    I know you should never do anything just for the money. But I love computers and working with circuits, and I'm wondering how much a student that just got his degree in CE could potentially make? I'm somewhat of an "over planner". Hehe
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    If you're interested in cryptology then you would need to have very strong roots in mathematics, more than that offered in a regular computer engineering curriculum. I imagine a degree in mathematics would be better suited for this.
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    Depends on the field they end up in, and good computer security guys (crypto) can make as much, if not more.
    All data from the bureau of labor statistics

    Just don't do it for the money unless you know that'll get you through the degree, 'cause it's a really evil one. Because it's a blend of comp sci and EE, it can some times be hard to reconcile the two 'cause they require different modes of thinking; most of the guys I know end up leaning towards either EE or CS and scraping by in the other discipline. (I wish I'd dropped it in favor of CS years ago.)
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    Thats really awesome. I'm from Canada so I'll look into our equivalent of the Dept. of Labour. Thanks for the help story :)
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