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Computer Engineering Vs. EE?

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    I noticed a similar thread has been started already, but i really want to talk about this with anyone: It's urgent. I'll need all the help I can get.
    Is it better to pursue Computer Engineering (CE) or Electrical Engineering (EE)?
    I learnt in EE, u can do both computers and other electronics. But, what does it take to pursue EE as opposed to CE.
    I'm kinda leaning towards CE. But i learnt its not a very secure field; u could get out of job easily especially when the economy is bad.
    I could use a lot of help from both Electrical Engineers and Computer Engineers.
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    Neither is inherently better or worse than the other. Both have broad job applicability. The two degrees overlap significantly at most schools; the cores of the degrees are the same. Generally, computer engineers take a few extra programming classes, while electrical engineers take a few extra power or fields classes.

    You can probably declare either one to start with, and switch later on if you choose.

    - Warren
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