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Computer engineering?

  1. Apr 16, 2009 #1
    Can somebody tell me everything I need to know about computer engineering, I can't seem to get a clear explanation. I know that it has to do with engineering computers, duh, but what does it entail, what kind of skills are needed, and what are some career opportunities that are available as a computer engineer. I am a junior in high school who's scrambling to find a school, a major, etc...I enjoy physics, and computers, and am somewhat good at math.

    Any input is appreciated,
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    Computer engineering is mostly about designing computer hardware and the interface between hardware and software. There is a lot of low-level programming, circuit design, and math involved. How does computer code get turned into operations in the processor? How does the processor interpret that signal, and then process it? Those are the sorts of questions that computer engineers can answer and engineer better/new ways to do it.
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