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Computer evolution

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    I've kinda grown up with computers since the mid 60's. The main difference in me and the computer is our Hardware. It appears to me that human evolution is moving at a snails pace compared to computer evolution. Weather we are talking about computers or humans, the kind of hardware you have and how it's wired will determine function and performance. We may have had a few million years head start on the computers, but, it appears to me that they have closed the gap considerably in just the last 50 years.

    The only difference I can see in computers vs. humans is our (human) programming is a work in progress with a very limited window of opportunity. As I understand it, our intelligence has alot to do with the size of our brains. That being the case, I wouldn't expect any major increases in human potential any time soon.

    Now for computers, they will continue to evolve at an ever increasing rate as long as we have a need. We humans are very good at finding solutions to solve our problems and improve overall productivity and effectiveness. We will eventually design systems with intelligence that can far exceed our own.
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    They will take over the world and burn down our villages. Naww, existance will be answered when ai can evolve it's self, and it will undoubtably know a perpose we may never understand in the same ways it does.
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    you say that we arent evolving, but it depends upon how you would determine, evolution.

    Is the discovery of new science evolution? or is it only evolution if its a physical change? Do we count as evolved if we erradicate war and feed the world, or are we only evolved when we get that vital third arm so we can type and drink at the same time?

    I think we are evolving with computers, as they evolve as do we, but there still no way near the power of us. Even an eye is more powerful than your common home computer. An eye captures about what? 30 frames per second, of at least 32 bit color (16 million colors), at a massive reolution. And you never really experiance jutters, everything is smooth throughout your life. And on top of that the brain can cope with this, 18 hours a day, 365 days a year, 70 year a lifetime! each second of which your heart beats within'.

    You may say they have closed the gap as a 27 year old is 27 times the age of a 1 year old, as a 28 year old is only 14 times the age of a 2 year old, but they arent as evolved as us. The realisation of TV programs, where the instant computers can "think" for themselfs, they know all the mathematics in the world, and devise a way to shoot a ray beam out of their floppy drive is totally off!

    As for our intelligence being dependant upon the size of our brains... how do we not know our brains are big enough now to comprehend everything? and computers are also dependant upon the size of their processors, the amount of transistors they have!

    Its all theory :)
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    the neurological implications are really quite interesting.

    Right now we are using aspect of our brains that we would not normally use by developing, linking contextual information from other resources.

    For some the demise of interlinking capabilties has been troublesome, but if the train of thought can stimulate, as mathematics can do in theoretical formulation. "Mapping" images to link a complete summary? How creative are you?
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    I just reviewed my comments, and could not find where I stated that we are not evolving! We, as organic creatures, are evolving every second of every day and will continue to do so as long as we can take a breath. I really don't think there's any reason to become so emotional and defensive. After all, the computer is our own creation and will only evolve at a rate determined by us.

    Just because the total output of mans effort results in major advancements in technology, does not in any way imply any one individual has achieved any major increase in life time potential. Case in point, Go back 100 years or so and look at the field of family medicine. One person combined a number skills such as doctor, dentist and barber. Of course today, we see major increases in specialization because our advancements in technology requireing a constant re-organization of individual job descriptions in order to maintain acceptable levels of performance.

    Thanks for comments.
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    good observation force5. evolution is multiplicity, ie.genology causes the fractal of family tree. and as such so do whole jumps in ideals, like imagine how exciting it would be to actually find the formula for energy, how genius at that time it really was,(we still realize the genius but its just not as big of a deal anymore(so wide spread is the concept). The same will happen to all idea's. any ways, evolution of human doesn't remember except through records and the teaching of them to children, and this evolves society's conscious being, but in a computer the forgetting and re teaching isn't an option.. whoa fractal society's conscious being as a black spot through generations of human (that's one crazy visualization), It could be, maybe? hmm.. and must be why they are looking at fractals for the possible creation of next generation processors. but really when a computer can evolve its self , It most likely would be able to code new selves, with rules to process things at any rate it chooses. for one yes we have a lot of processes but it is a finite amount, a computer can be made to have any amount of processes even twice that of ours. We could see why and how its doing it, but would we understand it? Here's an imaginative way of how extended we should be able to get our processors (note this is just my imagination going on some weird trip). imagine a virus (just pick some stereo typical look of a virus)as a nano machine with a quantum computer able to infect a host, saves the entity's DNA, and absorbs the whole of the host in raw data form, and still have enough room to recreate the host to a nano built machine, keeping the hosts thought process's and do this entirely off the energy of the raw data. That is how extended our computers could one day get, and if so we truly will be evolving with them. and I guess we already have cyborgs and all. maybe we cannot teach a computer to learn (in an un random way) be we can make a computer to continue processes already in place.
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