Computer games are evil.

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    I bought the RPG game Morrowind two days ago, and I'm playing an average of 7 hours a day since then. I don't remember the last time (except when I was a kid) a game managed to fascinate me. I fear I shall lose my life if I continue doing so. But the game is just just have to continue playing, it's so exciting! (I sound stupid, I know.) Anyway, a piece of advice: whoever didn't play that game, well, don't play it. :uhh: :biggrin:

    Joke aside, do you have something time-consuming and useless you're hooked on these days? (Post-holiday and pre-next-semester period - the most risky one. :wink: )
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  3. Facebook. :(
  4. Hurkyl

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    Don't ever say that around me again! :wink:
  5. ranger

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    I second that :)

    For the past few months, I've been on PF more than normal. Its time well spent though...

    I wonder how many times world of warcraft is gonna pop up in this thread :biggrin:
  6. I used to play Star Wars Galaxies, a few years back, easily spending 8 hours a day, but then I screwed up in school and stopped playing that summer :cry: Fun times, mmorpg's are awesome.
  7. I think I've become addicted to facebook as well over the last few weeks... not good at all, but such fun....
  8. radou

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    Get Morrowind, and I'm sure you'll be facing some doubts about the evilness of computer games. :devil: :biggrin:

    Blah, it's the winter break anyway, so I'm not feeling guilty about playing for hours. At least not yet. :approve:
  9. Through out year 12 I refused to have a window PC because i was addicted to any game i could get my hands on.
  10. siddharth

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    Stay away from Oblivion.

  11. I got an Xbox 360 for Christmas and oblivion. You probably won't see here too much...
  12. my alias is stonetooth and i am a WoWaholic.
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    I know. Luckily, I got an older graphics card, so I can't run it properly without doing some serious tweaking etc. :smile:
  14. I play Halo 2 nonstop.
  15. Morrowind >> Oblivion

    Although the gameplay in Oblivion is hands down superior, it doesn't immerse me in the plot the way Morrowind did. Plus there was infinitely more to do in Morrowind, ie several more factions to join - and the expansion packs were killer.

    I personally prefer first person shooters, and right now I've been playing quite a bit of FEAR online. This is to pass the time until fortress forever is released for half life 2.

    Does anyone remember quake world team fortress for the original quake? If you haven't, you have not experienced the most addicting fps game of all time (forget counterstrike).
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    Oblivion is pure crap compared to Morrowind, and a bad game in general.

    Age of Empires II: The Conquerors - now that was a good game. :approve:
  17. radou

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    You're the first one I heard saying that. :biggrin: Although, I have heard lots of people claiming that Morrowind is superior to Oblivion. But, it seems to be possible (although I didn't play Oblivion yet) - the more I play Morrowind, the harder it is for me to imagine any game could be more exciting.
  18. siddharth

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    Excuse me?? IMHO, Oblivion is the greatest role-playing game ever made :!!) . I had to rapidly uninstall windows to prevent myself from playing it :tongue2:

    Oh yes, I agree there. It's a top class RTS game.

    When I was in high school, I completely wasted my time on Championship Manager 01/02. That is the most addictive game I've ever played. Since then, I've finally managed to realize the evilness of computer games :biggrin:
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  19. radou

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    Uhh yes, didn't play it, but a lot of my friends were hooked on it. :smile:
  20. best game. at least best strategy game, oh.. it was so fun playing on, or however they called it.
  21. oblivion as an RPG is a bad game, real bad, since RPG is all abot: story line, interactivity, and dialogs, and oblivion has neither. i must say that its pretty cool at the beginning, but gets boring real fast...

    good rpgs: "fallout 2", "baldours gate 2", "planescape"(!!!!),"arcanium"(it has many downsides.. but still), KOTOR and gothic 2 are nice too.
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