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Computer or Systems focus?

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    I have just finished my first semester of college so I have yet to begin working on my EE degree. However I'd like to think of the future as a source of motivation (my main problem)

    At my school studying EE has two tracks, computer or systems design. Same degree but slightly different courses. As far as I know about myself (I will surely learn more as I go along) computers would be my choice.

    I've always liked computers, have always worked with them, and actually have talent in the field. However I live in Jacksonville, FL and computers arn't a big field here. Every job I see (including my father's business) involves construction type deals. Where becoming a PE is my future.

    So do I go for what I like or what I need.

    Here is my Uni's page to see the difference.
    http://www.unf.edu/ccec/engineering/academics/electrical.php [Broken]
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    a) You can take the PE exam with either track. Provided you've got a degree, the licensing board doesn't look at your coursework.
    b) Companies are exactly the same. They don't see transcripts and only see the courses you put on your resume.
    c) The engineers I know don't expect graduates to know anything anyway, and expect the first year or two to be training.

    So basically, it may be in your best interest to do which ever track you feel your better suited to 'cause you'll probably get better grades if you're doing what you like. But, if you feel major pressure to do the other track, it's probably not gonna hurt your job prospects much in the long run anyway.
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    Thanks for the reply.

    I signed up for this forum back in highschool when I needed help on a physics project. Decided to check it out randomly and saw some really insightful things.

    This thought has been bugging me for some reason, you kinda relieved the pressure even though your answer was stuff I basically already knew. I still have a while till I even start relevant classes. I'll be taking Computer Science I next fall so I'll see how that works out for me.
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