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Computer Question

  1. May 24, 2005 #1
    I am currently experiencing problems on my computer such that, if somone sends me a web page link, nothing happens when I click on it. Same goes for if I try and open links on web pages that would take me to another site.
    Has anyone got any suggestions as to remedy this problem please or if I've accidently disabled something in Windows EXP.

    Sorry this is a boring question but its doing my swede! :mad:
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    No such thing as a boring question, just as there are no stupid questions. If you seriously want an answer, then they're all legit.
    I'm a Mac guy, so I don't know much about PC's (garbage). My first suggestion would be to check your mouse settings and connections. It's possible that one or more of your buttons isn't registering properly.
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    Thanks for the suggestion but the mouse and keyboard are working like a dream.
    I just find it very strange because it was working perfect yesterday and when I loaded up this morning it starts playing silly buggers!
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    Are you able to open the link if you put your cursor over the link, right click and select "open in new window"?

    I'm also moving this to technology for more answers.
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    I don't really know but it might be that you have the block pop-up option enabled on your browser.
    It will only be blocked if it's an external link (opens in another window).
    That's all I can think of sorry :)
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    it's definitally spyware.

    Get spywareblaster or ad-aware and fix it.
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    Thanks for all your suggestions.
    Evo, when I do right click and open in new window, the page just freezes and I have to ctrl alt del to carry on, just as if I had left clicked it.
    The computers running fine in itself though.
    I'll certainly download what you've suggested though guys.

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