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Computer RAM

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    Hey guys,

    Have not posted in a while:biggrin: I found these two computer parts in my basement the other day and i just wanted to confirm whether these are two 64 MB computer RAM parts or not??? And how much are they worth???



    Thanks for any replies:cool:

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    Looks like RDRAM which is pretty fast RAM though not all machines support it. You might get $20-$25 per card.
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    Yeah, looks like a pair of 64 MB PC600 RDRAM sticks. EBay would be a good source of what you might get for them. If they were PC800 you'd probably be able to get a better price. There aren't too many companies making computers that use RDRAM anymore (actually none AFAIK), but still a lot of computers that use them still in operation (I have one at home).
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    Thanks for the reply -job- and imabug appreciate it:smile: RDRAM aye im wondering how much would i get for it here in New Zealand:uhh:

    Thanks again
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