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Computer Science Course?

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    I'm thinking of taking a computer science course this year at school. In order to take it, I need to take either C++ or Java as a co-requisite. Which one would help out with the ap computer science course the most? Also I'm pretty sure that the computer science course would help me out in college (planning on mechanical engineering). Would it help? Thanks for the help. Sorry for the spelling and sorry if this is in the wrong forum :redface:

    Oh and also can someone describe the differences between C++ and Java and the basics of what computer science will be about.
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    The AP Computer Science Exam is based on Java, therefore it would be more benificial to learn Java.

    In my personal opinion, and maybe i'm old school, but I prefer learning C++. Pointers and memory management are a very imporant part of truly understanding programming.

    If you going to be doing ME I doubt you'll be doing a whole lot of programming in either java or c++. More likely you'll used specialized tools.
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    I know C is from Unix, so wouldn't C++ be for Unix as well? I know you can use it but I have heard stories of it ruining your DOS. Ouch.

    And, SDutra, Im in Comp Sci and were studying Java, with just a hint of C.
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