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Computer Science Engineering

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    Hello this is my first post on this forum so I would like to thank you guys for any time you give me. I just got a laptop Sager NP8130 (its a heavy gaming laptop) for college and was wondering if it is a good choice for my engineering classes. Do colleges require you to do programming on your own laptop? thanks for any help
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    It should work fine. In most cases, colleges will have computer labs where you can do work, but I've always found it convenient to be able to use my own computer for programming/simulation rather than having to go to the computer lab.
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    That looks like it will be more than enough to handle anything you might do at an Undergrad level. Most Universities will provide some sort of a computer lab for you to do any programming and computations on, but it doesn't hurt to have a laptop of your own. A few friends of mine have run fairly complex simulations on their own laptops and they were weaker than the ones you have. (The two simulations I remember are: Rocket simulation launching from earth to mars; and the Lorenz attractor.)

    The only thing you might have to worry about is actually getting whatever software they might ask you to use; it will be free to use on their provided computers but if you want it on your own laptop you'll have to get it yourself (or if you run Linux then no worries). I don't expect them to think everyone will be running Linux though.
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    oh well if its just cost of buying software for my own computer then thats not to big of deal becasue I saved most of my working money for college anyways. thanks for the help and I am really excited about my major!!! can not wait to start my classes!
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    Haven't you heard? All Undergraduate engineering students will be required to have one of these at home to do homework:

    http://www.nersc.gov/systems/carver-ibm-idataplex/ [Broken]

    "...Carver contains 800 Intel Nehalem quad-core processors, or 3,200 cores..."

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