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    This isn't really a major problem but as I see it, quite a number of threads in the Comp Sci forum doesn't have anything to do with computer science. They're more of general tech support and computer software related discussions. I know this was done some time back but I was thinking it would make more sense if we brought back the old programming forum as the main forum (and perhaps rename it as Comp Sci & Programming?) and relegate all the other forums as subforums. And we could rename the Technology forum to General Tech and Computer Discussion (or something along those lines), because that appears to reflect more of the content I see these days in the forum.

    Any thoughts?

    P.S. I'm not a Comp Sci student so perhaps we should wait to see if others with that background is happy with the suggestions outlined above.
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    For programming problems go to http://stackoverflow.com/ , I can't see the point in another small software question forum.
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