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Computer Science M.S

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    Is it ok to get a B.S degree in Applied Mathematics and then a M.S in Computer Science?

    You might ask, why not a B.S in CS and then M.S in CS .

    the answer to this is,, i am already a senior in Applied math and since several courses in CS were required for my degree , ( i.e : Computer programmin I , II , Fundamentals of computer science, Computer organization and design, Data Structures, Operating systems )

    i took these courses in my electives, half were electives , half were required.

    THe problem is that i found CS very interesting, and lost interest in pursuing more advanced math courses.

    The only bad thing is that since i was not a CS major in the beginning i fear i might have to take some undergraduate courses after graduations cause i cannot take all CS courses and do my math courses.
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    I guess it might matter on the classes that are more programming-intensive than some of the more math-intensive courses, since you're an applied math major. I don't know from personal experience, but I have talked to grad students who have had to take some undergrad courses in things like Automata & Linguistics (I don't know what you would call it at your school) so they could take computational theory. It seems like courses like those were more of a challenge for those who came from an engineering background, however.
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    If you are a good student, I believe it should be pretty easy for you to make up any missing topics by self study. Or you could go for a program specially designed to accomodate, such as MCIT at Upenn.
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