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Programs Computer science minor - yes or no?

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I'm planning for the fall semester in which I'll start taking classes that'll count for a CS minor. The thing is, I'm not sure if I need it or not. I'm an Electrical Engineer. I heard people tell me to take more programming classes than the usual EE program the school offers. Many people double major EE/CS.

However, is this only beneficial because it'll give me a better 'understanding' of how everything works? I mean will I use most of the stuff I'll learn, like intro to software engineering and intro to operating systems?

Which is better: take a CS minor, or use those 22 units to take other Engineering classes?
Of 2 EE friends of mine, about 15 years into their careers, one moved into project management and the other does a lot of firmware programming. The one that is a PM now did a lot of coding for hardware test systems; no doubt his coding skills helped his career. For your decision, try to guage how much you like coding; if you do then a CS minor would give you another career option, for jobs available in every metropolitan area.
Im not a EE, but a ME, but I have a previous minor in CS. From my previuos experience and current experience I suggest taking 22 units in other engineering classes. Find a sub speciality in EE and see if you can focus on that via your classes.

EDIT- that is, studying to be an ME
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Take some of those classes and see how much you like programming. If you develop a taste for it, then get the minor.
Thanks for the replies. And yeah I was thinking after fall I'll have a better idea of whether I like programming so we'll see. Though even if I don't like it, I'll take it if it's important.

I was just looking at some other schools' EE programs, and they too only have one 'intro to programming for EE' course. Before looking into it I thought my school just isn't preparing its student well enough so I started thinking about a CS minor.
I plan to major is EE or dual in ECE and I was wondering if I should minor in CS too, I'm definitely familiar with programming (from self-study) and I was wondering if this was a way to receive some credit for work i've done. I want to work in something where the hardware and low-level software meets, so would ECE/CS be appropriate?

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