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Computer science or physics?

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    I'm really dynamic since birth. A problem with me is that I love almost everything I put my hands in. I've even chased dreams of being in the Air Force or a UN Tech wing executive.
    Now I've filtered my core loves to be physics and computer science. Maths comes next.
    I'm very tensed regarding what to tak as a career choice. I'm not from an overtly rich family, so being a software engineer could help with the finance aspect. But then I'll miss out on the physics aspect. My core interest is the quantum theory especially quantum computing. Please guide me.
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    Why not aim for computational physics, i.e. have your cake and eat it too?

    Depending on your school, this may be an area that you can focus in. Some physics programs gives the ability for a student majoring in physics to have a heavier than usual load of computational classes. If not, either do a double major, or major in one and a minor in the other. When you plan for graduate school, look for a school that has a specialization in computational physics.

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