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Computer Science

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    Well I am planning in going into this field.If someone is kind enough to explain ill be so overwhelm.
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    Okay to begin with,

    You will be introduced with programming courses at the beginning term of your CS study. If you are new to programming, these courses will force you a little bit. With hard studies you will master the art of programming. Just dont overrate programming after this stage, programming is the 'tool' for you to succeed your goals in CS. Not the goal itself.

    You will learn how to construct larger software systems and maintaning them. Connecting to database systems, learning internal designs of operating systems.

    After that, you will learn the computer hardware architecture, studying lower level circuitry, understanding how mathematics and electronics will form up such a electronical computing technology. This knowledge will connect you to lower level programming principles.

    At the latest years of your study, you can focus on brand new subfields of CS. Artificial Intelligence is overrated by non-CS people and sci-fi but open to new ideas, waiting for it's Einstein. You will learn Digital Image processing to form up, edit and find ways to solve real world problems by image processing. You can learn data mining and understand how search engines work.

    A lot and a lot to tell ya...
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    Thanks man.i do have a huge knowledge on the area but its more theoretical...But can a C.S get into the video game field
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    I don't mean to hijack the thread but what is computer engineering about? Obviously there's a larger focus on circuitry since you take a large amount of electrical engineering courses.
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    of course it can...just 3 days ago i saw a job application for Infinity ward " Call of duty " that want computer engineers like CS and SE
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    Well, Computer Engineering mostly focuses lower level of computing which includes hardware information + low level programming , they are more interested in building computer systems instead of coding software under the hardware abstraction of high level languages.

    For example, robotics field include mostly computer engineers. You not only need to know the robot's hardware properties, but also need to make the software accordingly to make the robot move.

    Computer science concers more theory like designing algorithms, making speed tests or adapting theories to computation.

    But that means two specialities does not intercept ? No, absolutely it does. It doesnt matter, if you work on a robotics project, you are gonna code the algorithm too so it means you gotta know both sides, but mainly focus on Engineering side.
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    That is great to know.But what languages are the gratest to use if one is going to create say a software for genetics decrition
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    Do you need to know which hammer you are going to use if you dont know hammering ?
    Same goes here in computing field, if you dont know anything about genetics, you dont need to know how to program it.

    When you'll learn methods and how to do stuff in genetics, you'll discover or read which tools are the best for your job. But if you really wanna know, my vote would go to MATLAB.
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    wel man i majored in the science and gentics is my fave topic in biology....
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