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Computer Security

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    I'm a control freak. So I need to know - how can I have more control over my computer? I want to place restrictions on what users can do on the computer. For example, is it possible to make certain programs inaccessible without an override password? The only reason I ask is because once I was on a school computer and tried to load Windows Explorer to fix a problem and the computer wouldn't let me. How can I do things like that?
    Entirely unrelated question - sorry - but it didn't deserve its own thread. Are computer companies purposely screwing me over when they claim that 1GB=1 billion bytes? I thought 1GB=230bytes!
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    I guess they do it on purpose. I've noticed that the companies that produce HDDs do that all the time probably so their HDDs appear bigger than they are. Or maybe it's too complex for the marketing department to raise 2 to the power of n. What can I say - life is not fair....

    As for the main question, if you have WinNT, Win2000 or WinXP and you are the one that installed the system on a computer you can set user's rights to read, write, execute anything on that computer.
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    Depending on your OS, you can also use policies to lock the system down. That is a complex topic, you would be better off searching windows help for "system policies" or "policy editor".

    As I understand it, computer mfcs just round out the numbers. IE, 1024kb = 1mb, but an mfc would just say 1000kb = 1mb. Makes a big difference with bigger numbers, obviously...

    By the way, one thing you can instantly do to help with users screwing around on your computer is to set their account as a user account, as opposed to power user or admin. That will prevent their accessing important system functions, for the most part.

    Happy configuring!
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    Well, depending on your OS, there are many things to do.

    Linux provides you with total control over every aspect of your computer and people who login to it. The problem is learning how to use it properly.

    You should be able to do everything you need with a newer version of windows, 2000, XP, etc. I'm not really sure if Me, 98 and such had that ability without some program like Novell.

    Novell makes life really easy if you take the time to read up on it properly. You can limit things such as when a person has access to what, and for how long. You can give them certain areas which they may store personal files, and monitor everything they do. Novell is more for a network enviroment though.

    Would work good in a situation like Main computer in bedroom, kids each have a pc in there rooms. You could control both the 2 pcs from your main pc.

    If its a single computer follow the above advice and research windows policys. I'll get some more info for you if you don't figure it out before I get a chance to.

    Some usefull info for us would be:

    What kind of OS are you using?

    How many computers do you wish to control?

    If more then one, what OS are they using?
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