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Computing a large number

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    1. The problem statement, all variables and given/known data

    14572353050570834605889731500015117386453891958889990^3405172774109177428981695098239611111643842774424445 (mod 17025863870545887144908490224619062098783164408077639)

    2. Relevant equations

    It overflowed PARI and MAPLE. I'm attempting to decrypt a message for my number theory class.
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    I can't help but I'd try the number theory section as well.


    As long as you make it clear it's a homework question I'm sure they'll help out.

    But of course under the rules, only after you got help here. Might pay to advertise?
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    There's Lidia or Gimp(Gmp?)
    or trying using a number theory formula like power root or the other one ...sorry its been a while ...they both have to do with powers/roots.

    ...try breaking into strings?
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    I did it using Mathematica. It turns out to say "OPEN NEW FRONT IN NORMANDY".
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    I think your a bit late, unless your planning a tourist excursion?:wink: :smile:
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