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Computing: cloud vs laptop?

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    I never tried any cloud solution, and I hardly know what it means.
    Thanks to the CodeProject newsletter, I read this article comparing the performances of different cloud solutions:

    http://www.infoworld.com/print/237169 [Broken]

    from this reading, I guessed that the cloud might be used for number-crunching just as I usually do with my laptop. After all, that was obvious!

    Now this raise this question:

    How would cloud-based computing compare to laptop computing?

    My own typical number-crunching hobbies are in the field of mathematical modeling and optimization.
    I could program in C++, C#, java, R, and I am used to Excel as user interface.
    I like to use Mathematica from time to time as well as SystemModeler.

    I am almost sure that I could not do everything on the cloud.
    But I would be interested to compare the cloud and laptop for different aspect like:

    - availability of applications,
    - availability of development tools,
    - speed of number crunching applications,
    - possibilities to share and/or distribute applications to others ,
    - ...

    Maybe I should first of all give it a try.
    Anyway, thanks for your comments and suggestions,

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    Using a cloud server for number crunching would be similar to the way computer centers were used back in the 1960's. Computers were too expensive for most companies, so they would pay by the hour or day for computer time on one of the computers in a computer center. The main difference is that they had to bring punched cards, tapes, or disk packs to the computer center (unless they stored them at the computer center), then return with those tapes, disks, and sometimes large print outs, while these days you'd be transferring stuff over the internet.
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