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Homework Help: Computing ratios

  1. Feb 2, 2013 #1
    Hi hi hi,

    So guys I'm just having a little trouble with this question..

    Compute the ratio between the luminosity from part B to the mass from part A. How does that ratio compare with the Sun's ratio of luminosity to mass?

    So for part A I got 1Msun and part B I got 1000Lsun

    So to compute the ratio I was just wondering I divide Luminosity/ Mass and isn't it just 1000 then? :eek:

    Edit: Also how do I estimate the maximum amount of time these very luminous stars can last as red giants from your answer to part C (the question above).
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    Yes, the ratio is 1000 LSun/MSun .

    This is an entirely different question.
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    Thanks yeah I noticed that its the only information I had besides I didn't mention the H R diagram. XD sorry about that.

    I got 10^7 years if anyone is interested for that question.
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