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Computing the Adherance

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    hi math wizards,

    a simple problem i have...work time is 8.5 hours while paid break is 1.25...paid break is divided into 3 parts 0.5, 0.25 and 0.5...any body knows how to compute the adherance to this? the goal of this problem is to compute the break adherance of an employee. An employee has 3 breaks that is 30 minutes (0.5) 15 minutes (0.25) and another last break of 30 minutes (0.5). if an employee's record on 1st break is like start is 11:30 AM and ends at 12:00 PM then the difference of the time is 30 minutes...therefore if his time is 30 minutes then he should get 100% on that particular break...so the same goes with the other break parts...overall an average of the total 3 break is the final mark..so if the employee's break scores are all 100% then he gets final score of 100%.... im not sure how to derive a formula on this... all i have is Adherence=work time minus paid break divided by work time....but i am not getting a 100% score when computing it...


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    That can't be correct. Are you sure it's not work time (t) plus paid break (b) divided by total time at work (or they are supposed to be at work) (w) or something? A = (t+b)/w

    So if the work time (from what I can tell of your work up) is 8.5 (=t) hours, the paid break is 1.25 (=b), and the total time at work is 9.75 (=w) then you have:

    A = (8.5 + 1.25)/9.75 = 1 (so multiply by 100 if you want percent)

    Then set t and b to the times worked. I'm not a math "wizard", so the percentages for break and work may have to be set also, but seems like it might be at least closer to what you are looking for.
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    hi cone,

    thanks for the quick reply:

    if i have 3 parts break then how would the formula be then? will it stays as like this? since break is divided into Break1: 30 minutes (0.5), Break2: 15 minutes (0.25) and Break3: 30 minutes (0.5)...then formula would be like: A=8.5+0.5 / 9.75 for break1, then A=8.5+0.25 / 9.75 for break2, then A=8.5+0.5 / 9.75 for break3? well tried this formula with the following values:
    break 1
    IN:11:30 AM OUT: 12:00PM DIFFERENCE:0:30 or 0.5
    break 2
    IN:1:45 PM OUT: 2:00PM DIFFERENCE:0:30 or 0.25
    break 3
    IN:4:00 PM OUT: 4:35PM DIFFERENCE:0:35 or 0.58


    then using the formula A=8.5+1.33/9.75 gives me 100.8547009 percent...this should not exceed 100% it should however decrease since the total paid break is only 1.25 and in excess of this paid break should be a deduction to the total 100% score...sorry for being a pain but i hope you can help me with this....i appreciate your efforts..


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