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Computing the universe

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    There's been a concept I've been thinking about for quite some time.
    Lets imagine the universe was a computer. How would it look like/function.
    Now a computer has some characteristics and I wonder if you can apply these to the universe. Though I'm not sure which corresponds to what.
    For example the processor's instruction set - its probably the laws of physics in the universe - like creating a homogeneous space and the like.
    Now a processor also has computing power, but I can't imagine what its universal alternative is(maybe volume of space? like a cubic inch has that many FLOPS of power)...
    Also - storage capacity - how many bytes does it take to record every physical property of a particle(without any uncertainties - the data is there, even if we can't measure it)?
    Which also gives me an idea - maybe there's a pipeline or something that allows you to transmit only so much data, leaving some of it behind thus leaving some uncertainty as to the exact measurement of certain properties.
    Also - say the universe has that many particles each having that many storage capacity. Can a system of these particles possibly hold more data than their individual sums?
    And what would phenomena like black holes, wormholes, etc. be like inside this "universal" computer?
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    http://wwwphy.princeton.edu/~kirkmcd/examples/QM/lloyd_prl_88_237901_02.pdf [Broken]

    Related topic:
    http://puhep1.princeton.edu/~mcdonald/examples/QM/lloyd_nature_406_1047_00.pdf [Broken]
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    Oh, so someone did actually come up with such a wacky idea before me... nice to know I'm not the only nutjob around.:rolleyes::biggrin::tongue:
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