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[COMSOL] cantilever beam help

  1. Jun 30, 2008 #1

    I have started working on COMSOL and doing simple problems. I have done a problem on cantilever beam with a point load on the tip. the data is given below.

    beam dimensions: (8e-6, 1e-6, 1e-6)
    point on which load applies: (8e-6, 0.5e-6, 1e-6)
    load: 1e-5 in -z direction.

    material properties
    isotropic material
    young's modulus: 170Gpa
    poisson's ratio: 0.25
    thermal expansion coeff.: 8.5e-6
    density: 2330 kg/m3

    NO DAMPING condition.
    time steps are 0:1e-10:5e-7

    beam is fixed on one end.
    i am in structural mechanics module, with transient analysis mode. i want to get 'z displacement Vs. time' plot. the plot i am getting is attached.

    i want to know whether this plot is correct or wrong? as i am giving 'no damping', why my deflection stops after some time? shouldn't it be continuous like a sine wave as with no damping, it will behave like it is in space?

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