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Comsol/capacitor simulation

  1. Feb 20, 2009 #1
    hi all ,

    am working with annular capacitors ,
    made a simulated annular plates capacitor in Comsol

    but my experimental results are not matching with the experimental results
    experimental capacitances are far smaller than the simulated ones

    ex: actual capacitance for 3 mm distance is 1.4 pf
    by simulation we am getting around 14pf

    in Comsol i used : electrostatics module in AC/DC -3D module

    i made 2 annular plates and 2 guard rings around them , and one more big box surrounding all of them
    (guard rings are just 2 grounded rings surrounding both the capacitor plates , one with +ve potential other with -ve potential to reduce the effect of external disturbances on capacitance )

    in subdomain settings i have deactived all except the big box in which i have put field and other stuff active , have put [tex]\epsilon[/tex](relative) as 1 .

    now for boundary settings i gave zero charge or symmetry for the bigger box , ground for both guard rings , -1V for one plate , and set port as input for other plate ,

    when i simulate this i am getting results which are not matching with experimental values :cry:

    so somebody plzz help me out o:)
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