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COMSOL - Coil with current

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    Hello !

    I am using Comsol Multiphysics in order to simulate the eddy currents in a damaged/cracked steel circular rod, with a helix coil surrounded it and thus creating the alternativ magnetic field.

    Actually, I am having a lot of problem in modelling it, mainly because I am new in using Comsol.

    My first goal is to model the coil and put an alternativ current in it.

    I managed to model a spring coil in Solidworks and import it in Comsol. But i cannot find how to put a current through the material in order to simulate the coil, like we can use it in a laboratory...

    I guess, I have to do some things adding Physics, AC/DC, in the model. But what exactly ?

    It would be incredible if you could help me, and guide me through my simulation. I need it in order to support my work about Eddy current testing. Of course, I would quote you as helpers and contact in my final work/report if you want.

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    Up ?
    Nobody can help me ?

    Maybe I am not in the right section ? I saw people here talking about comsol so I posted ... but i'll see
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    Please ?
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    You should look in a COMSOL modeling forum for the answers. There may not be anyone here who can help you.
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