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Comsol grant?

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    Comsol grant???

    Hey PF,

    I'm a grad student and I have an idea, which I would like to explore using COMSOL. Unfortunately, this software appears to be prohibitively expensive. Does anyone know of any grant/scholarship opportunities available that I might apply for, or perhaps where to look? My department doesnt seem to be very helpful with "outside the box" ideas...

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    Re: Comsol grant???

    1.- maybe you should talk to COMSOL yourself...I know other software companies often offer free license to universities in the hope that when students come out, they will then buy the software they are used to.

    2.- there are free (as in gratis) possibilities but needless to say are not as elegant and integrated (multiphysics)...but there. It may require a little more learning and manual operations.

    3.- You may want to look into CAELinux, for example.
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    Re: Comsol grant???

    Comsol has a variety of license options.

    The university department can purchase a Class Kit license that enables students to use it.

    I believe it is possible to buy certain products, and not all. So perhaps you can buy a few necessary modules.

    It would be best to contact a Comsol representative to explore one's options.

    Interestingly, I just received an email from CD-Adapco, and it had a link to one of their newsletters related to their Academic Program.

    Possibly that's another option depending on one's research.
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    Re: Comsol grant???

    Comsol frequently holds seminars in industry centered parts of North America and hands out two week licenses for free including all the modules usually. Just try to find one in your area. When one license runs out, go to anther seminar and get another.
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