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Comsol Modelling Help

  1. Sep 7, 2007 #1
    We have imported a CAD drawing into Comsol and are setting up a sphere in order to observe the sound radiation pattern of the imported object when excited at a point.
    The problem is Comsol does not recognize the imported object as a Subdomain, but only as a face. Both the subdomain and boundary settings for this object cannot be altered to desired specs. Only the sphere is being recognized as the subdomain and the boundary.
    The imported object was recognized as an interior bounday, but the options for the boundary type was limited and not what we wanted.
    We were using the imported CAD object in the "Shell" mode under the "Stuructural Mechanics Module", so we thought if we applied a thickness, the "Acoustics Module" would recognize the object as a solid and hence a subdomain, etc. But such was not the case.
    So how are we to get our imported CAD object as a subdomain as well as apply a wider range of boundary condition types to it?

    Thanks alot.

    RA and BH
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