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COMSOL question

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    Hello all,

    I have a small problem with COMSOL. I am trying to use the particle tracing feature, more precisely I want to use the boundary coordinates to specify where are the points from which to trace the electrons. From what I understand in the User's Giude, the Boundary Coordinates feature should be in the particle tracing tab in the postprocessing window. According to the giude (page 521) "To use boundary coordinates, click the option button to the left of the Boundary Coordinates button; then click that button to open the Boundary Coordinates dialog box." The problem is I cannot find this in the program. I hope someone shine some light on.

    As for what I am trying to do is a simple exercise so I get used to these settings for particle tracing. I have two plates with a spherical protrusion on each, such that one spherical protrusion is right below the other one. One of the plates is grounded and the other one is set at a fixed potential. I would like to be able to define a circular region on the grounded sphere as the starting points for lunching electrons and see the traces.


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    i thought your case is 3D, but Boundary coordinates is in 2D
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