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COMSOL - RF - Transmission

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    Hello All,

    I have a fundamental Comsol question that maybe you can help me with.

    If I am in say a 2-D In-Plane TE Mode. I am inputting a wave that will propagate left to right. What is the best way solve for the resulting field that is transmitted to the right boundary, regardless of what medium or pillars I put in its path. Seems like a simple to task to compute the transmission, but I am struggling.

    I am assuming I will need to set up a time step to integrate over to make sense of it. Can this be done in the "Harmonic Propagation" mode or does it need to be in "Transient Propagation". Any input is welcome.

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    Have you tried asking this question in the COMSOL Community forum?
    You may get a fast answer.

    Brian Kenyon
    COMSOL - Web Program Manager
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