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COMSOL: Setting up simple optimization problem

  1. May 2, 2012 #1
    Hi all, i have some doubts about setting the COMSOL optimization module.

    My aim is quite simple, i should find the optimal value of a variable to minimize the objective equation.
    In particular i should set up the parameter C in this equation(which represents the outlet pressure of a laminar flow model):


    in order to minimize the following equation:


    Where p is the pressure coming out from linear flow model (spf) and 15000 is a reference pressure, both applied to domain.
    The algorithm is quite simple, comsol should:

    1)assign a value to C
    2)estimate the value of domain pressure( coming out from laminar flow model)
    3)verify if optimality condition is satisfied, otherwise start again from 1

    My doubt is about implementation: which kind of objective should i use (integral objective, probe objective...)? Should i use inequality constraints too?

    Best regards
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