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COMSOL setup for inductors

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    I have been using v4.0a for the last couple of months. I have some questions on setting up an RF simulation. I am trying to set up a simulation using the RF physics module so that I can get s-parameters. I have a simple inductor (wound solenoid). The wire is 0.25" diameter and the diameter of the coil is a little over 1". Coil has almost 2 turns. I can import this model in from Solidworks. The coil can be modeled as a solid piece of wire because at the freqs of interest, the surface currents are what matters.

    What I want to do is setup the inductor in a box (using perfectly conducting walls) and apply two ports, one for each lead. The difficulty I am having is how to attach the ports and how to setup any PML's. I can post a file later but I was just looking for some general help upfront. I wanted to do a broadband sweep from 1-100MHz. By getting the s-parameters, I can convert them to ABCD parameters and extract out the impedance/inductance via formulas or other means. I have tried using the AC/DC physics for this but I believe the structure size is beginning to become a problem for radiation. I am in a gray area of getting decent results. I really do need to use s-pararmeters anyways. I do have an end goal here of simulating a complete filter board with caps and inductors (works at 40MHz) but first I need to start with the basics of just one component and to get it working correctly.

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