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COMSOL:shell and solid coupling

  1. Aug 3, 2009 #1
    My model has a blade of 0.14 mm thickness connected with a test mass of 24 mm and I want to perform eigenvalue analysis. I try to analyze the entire model using 3D multiphysics solver, so i built the blade with shell module, after I added, in multiphysics, solid module and i realized test mass. I have also de-activated solid module in shell domain and shell module in solid boundaries. I put identity pair constraints on blade edge in contact with test mass. I launch analysis highlighting all variables in solver parameters. Comsol solves the problem but only for the blade and ignorestest mass. I think that I make a mistake when I try to connect the two entities or I could order solution continuity, but I don't find the way. Can someone help me? thank you for all!
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