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Comutative diagram question

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    i cant understand translate these words :
    "instead of going from u(t) (step function) to delta function (shock function)
    via derivative,
    we go from u(t) to reaction of zsr to u(t)
    and the we go to the reaction of zsr to shock function (delta function)

    i am looking for
    practical example ,or some more reading material to this.
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    i know what a step function.

    my lecturer said that "there are circuits which asks us to calculate
    the response on duplete function.
    for that we need to do a derivative from delta function to duplete
    which is very complicated.
    instead we do zsr response to delta and zsr response to duplete and we get the same result"

    does that ring a bell
    i want an example on this stuf
    i cant understand teh proccess

    example example example
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    I'm not an expert in controls or communications (where you're most likely to encounter this sort of thing from an EE standpoint), however, I can't recall having had to use the derivative of the delta-dirac function for anything, and a search for the 'duplete' function brings up your post, and misspellings of 'deplete'.

    You're probably better off asking your lecturer (or waiting for a response from someone who may better understand your question), as it's been a number of years since I've had to do anything like that. When we did use it, it was convolving the impulse response of a system with an arbitrary input in order to find the system response to that arbitrary input.

    In the meantime, perhaps equations 14 through 17 of the Wolfram article on the Delta Dirac function are applicable?

    Sorry I can't be of any more help, in this case.
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    have you heard of
    desour " basic circuit theory"

    this is a book about such stuff.

    can you suggest to me some hardcore electrical engeneering forums.

    i visited several already
    and in all of them i was given responses like "what is ZSR i havent heard of it"
    "whats delta function" etc..
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