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Homework Help: Concave mirror

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    A 1.0 cm high object is situated 11.0 cm in front of a concave mirror that has a radius of curvature of 8.00 cm. Using a ray diagram drawn to scale (the mirror must be drawn to scale):

    (a) measure the location of the image:
    6cm (infront of the mirror)

    (b) measure the height of the image (and give its orientation).
    ? cm (inverted)

    I drew a diagram and all, and got 0.5 cm for the height, but it was wrong...
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    Em, if these involve direct measurements from the diagram, then there's no easy way to say this but you're going to have to attach your diagram somehow.
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    There is no diagram.... You're suppose to draw it.
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    Yeah, I know, that why we'd like to see the one you've drawn because otherwise we can't see your attempt, and where you may gone wrong (if you've gone wrong textbooks can be wrong you know:smile:)
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    Ok, I'll try my best to redraw it and post it in a second.
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    Heres the picture I drew:
    http://img144.imageshack.us/img144/5297/img001fy4.jpg [Broken]
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    It's not going to be very easy at all for anyone to help you on this one! One thing I would note is the number in the box on the right (6cm). What does that denote? Is it the radius of curvature of the mirror? If so, this should be 8cm (as stated in the question).
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