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News Concealed Handguns

  1. Sep 21, 2003 #1
    Recently, a single, caucasian woman in the Madison area killed two African American intruders who illegally entered her apartment. She was not charged with any crime as the law is in her favor.

    I have been thinking about purchasing a classic western six shooter for recreational shooting and possibly self defense. However, the state I live is one of the six states that prohibits anyone other than a police officer to carry a concealed handgun. I'm not saying that I would want to walk around my city armed with a weapon, but if I were venture into a high-crime area for some reason, I would not feel safe without a weapon, but I would feel even less safe if I had a gun exposed for gansters to see. Let's face it, anyone who walks into the getto with a displayed pistol will be definately be killed--everyone knows that the street value of an unregistered weapon is far more than its weight in gold.

    I was wondering what PF members think about gun laws in the United States? Should citizens be allowed to take the law into their own hands when their own life is at stake? Should citizens be allowed to carry concealed handguns?

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    You are better off unarmed...keep it in your pants, Junior, and leave the gunfights to the cops.
  4. Sep 23, 2003 #3
    Well, I have seen statistics that show that violent crime goes down in areas in areas when they pass concealed-handgun laws (meaning that you would now be allowed to carry one). Conversely, crime went up in surrounding areas.

    This was in a book by a right-winger, though.
  5. Sep 23, 2003 #4
    "Outside of the killings, Washington has one of the lowest crime rates in the country,"
    ~Mayor Marion Barry, Washington, DC.
  6. Sep 23, 2003 #5
    At least folks in the inner city know how to spell "ghetto." (Is such decay due to entropy?)

    I have heard (from the "liberal" media) that a handgun kept at home for "self defense" is ~30 times as likely to kill an acquaintance than a stranger. God knows what on the street where you are your only acquaintance.

    The best defense may be a good attitude learned in part from a respectable martial arts expert.
  7. Sep 24, 2003 #6
    Never trust statistics...they generally select only the data that supports their side, and ignore other factors.
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    Sooo, if you don't trust statistics what are you going to trust? opinion?
  9. Sep 24, 2003 #8
    Common sense...common sense says that:
    1) If a gun makes you feel safe in inherently unsafe situations, you shouldn't carry a gun.
    2) The public trust is served by restricting the amount of guns on the street at any given time.
    3) The public has the right to defend itself within limits.
    4) The government has the responsibility to make sure citizens are knowledgable and safe with their guns.

    I suspect that eNtRopY has watched too many movies, and I would also suggest that by his attitude he should NEVER be allowed to own a handgun, let alone a concealed carry permit.
  10. Sep 24, 2003 #9


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    You don't need to carry a gun outside to defend yourself against home invasions. Outside, you can minimize the possibility of being in a situation where you might need a gun in the first place. Anybody who breaks into someone's house is a potential threat, and I would argue there is moral and legal justification for shooting the intruders. At least parts of the US have not become like Canada in regards to that.
  11. Sep 24, 2003 #10
    Can you see someone swaggering into a bad neighborhood, because they have a gun? Why would you do that?? It seems like some people(in my experience, anyways) carry a gun to make themselves feel bigger. They should work on their self-esteem, not their marksmanship.
  12. Sep 24, 2003 #11


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    Working on common sense wouldn't be a bad idea either.
  13. Sep 24, 2003 #12
    Working on not being a racist might help too...
  14. Sep 24, 2003 #13


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    What does racism have to do with anything?
  15. Sep 24, 2003 #14
    This sounds like he is saying 'We need guns to protect our white women from the sex-crazed darkies!!'.
  16. Sep 24, 2003 #15


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    Well, that may be a bad choice of words, but I think gun owners in that certain mindset would shoot an intruder of any color. A white man breaking into your dwelling to do God knows what, is just as much of a threat as a black intruder.
  17. Sep 24, 2003 #16
    I agree, which is why his point of listing the races of the victim and robbers strikes me as being motivated by less than honorable ideas...
  18. Sep 26, 2003 #17
    Statistics can be very useful...as long as their used properly and you understand how they were collected and how statistics, in general, work.
  19. Sep 26, 2003 #18
    Got to be careful with statistics because they can be misleading or inaccurate. Many times they are politically motivated. It is easy to play with numbers to make things look the way you want them.

    I think if everyone owned a gun you wouldn't see as much fights, you wouldn't see as much crime and you would see people respecting eachother more.

    However, what we could do in terms of gun control is prevent individuals convicted of crims from not owning guns. That and people part of criminal gangs. However, the regular joe should be allowed to own a weapon. Besides, I think it would do good for this nation.

    Remember, freedom isn't comfort.

    Will someone start a thread for prison reform? I'm running out of time atm.
  20. Sep 26, 2003 #19
    The problem is, the crime rates will shoot way up if everyone has a gun, because the same guys who now just start barfights would start shooting each other instead.
  21. Sep 26, 2003 #20
    Yeah after that not many bar fights would happen if the inciters cared for their lives. Remember, there are more law abiding people than perpetrators. That means more good guys have more power and bad guys have less.

    Let's not forget, gun control only keeps guns out of the hands of law abiding citizens not criminals.

    Freedom isn't comfort.

    I think the government cares about gun control so they can keep track of people. It's all about control.
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