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Concenctration of a mass

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    Hi guys,here is my question. What is the Concentration of Na2CO3 when it dissolves in a solution and forms a volume of 100 cubic cm?

    Concentration= moles/volume.
    I found moles using mass/atomic mass of Na2+C+03.
    Then i used moles/volume to calculate concentration. Correct?
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    Mass of Na2CO3 is 5.8g
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    So far so good.
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    I found concentration to be 0.0005M. Could you confirm if this is correct?
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    Sounds a bit low to me, can you show your working?
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    Moles = mass/atomic mass, 5.8g/Na2C03

    So 5.8/106=0.005moles.

    Conc=0.05/100=0.0005M. So?
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    What is the definition of M here?
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    M is concentration. There are two ways of writing it,M or mol/dm3
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    OK, so how many dm3 are there in your solution?
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    Char. Limit

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    No... what you'd get in your calculations is 0.0005 mol/cm^3. You should change your mL (cm^3) to L (dm^3) before using it.
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    sjb asked about volume of the solution, and you have answered giving concentration...

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