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Concentration in a mixture

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    hi,a basic question, i added 20 ml of 1M Kno3 with 20 ml of 2 mM of Fe3CN6. will the concentration of the two chemicals remain same in mixture?? if not how to calculate ... All i need to prepare a 20 ml of a mixture of 1M Kno3 and 2mM Fe3CN6....

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    The concentration will change because you're changing the volume but not the molar amount. Multiply the volume of the original solution by the molarity of the solutes to find the total moles of each solute.

    0.2L * 1M = 0.2 moles KNO3

    Then divide that molar amount by the new volume (40ml = 0.04L) to find the new concentration.
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    thanks ....i understand...
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