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Concentration medication

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    Do any of you have experience with medication designed to increase concentration, directly or indirectly? I've continually pondered if this is something I should be seriously interested in.

    Anti-depressants have taunted me for many years, but I've managed to get by without them out of fear of the negative side effects (I realize this isn't directly related, but I'm not going to elucidate my details on this topic). Lately, however, I cannot seem to function as I have been. I try to study and it's as if my mind locks up. I get headaches and feel like I'm burning up despite the temperature being normal. It started over the summer and seems to have gotten progressively worse. I have very little spare time with this semesters schedule and this is magnifying the problem. It's starting to look like my GPA will take a hit this semester. I honestly don't know how I'm keeping them as high as they are right now, though. My usual methods of studying have been destroyed.

    Advice? Recommendations? All is appreciated.
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    Go see your Doctor
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    Chi Meson

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    Do you need reading glasses?

    And go see a doctor. Isn't there a university clinic?

    I also strongly recommend getting regular exercise. Running is how I stay off anti-depressants. I was severely clinically depressed during my undergrad years and I had that "shut down" feeling when trying to study. I went through a year of anti-depressants and psychiatry, but that has been all since then. I must must must exercise though.

    Bonus, a 30 minute run unlocks the mind.
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