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Homework Help: Concentration of hydrogen ions

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    I am trying to find the lowest concentration of hydrogen ions out of the following:

    0.1 M HCl
    0.1 M NaOH
    0.1 M H2SO4
    pure water

    I am having a hard time with the book and this...Thanks
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    Have you tried writing down the Ionic components of each of the three compounds you list? then calculate the pH of each solution from the molar quantities of each ion present
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    Umm, not to be dumb or anything, but how does one go about that:(
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    Might I suggest http://www.google.com/" [Broken] to get you started
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    The highest concentration of hydrogen ions comes from the substance which has the most hydrogen ions to dissociate. Notice that for the solutes, each choice is 0.1 M, except for the distilled water choice. Now, for each mole of solute, which one gives the most hydrogen ions?

    You need to be studying acids and bases in your chemistry course (at least "Introductory") in order to know how to answer.
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