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Concept of Faraday's law?

  1. May 5, 2015 #1
    Is it necessary to pass magnet through solenoid in Faraday's law experiment. If not, then how much emf could be induced if a normal bar magnet crosses a copper wire solenoid from a distance of approx 1 meter.
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    Faraday's law is strictly for coiled wire I thought. So I don't think emf would be induced if a normal bar magnet crosses a copper wire. If it did, then it would probably depend on which way the magnet is moving (parallel to the wire or perpendicular to the wire). But as far as I know it has to be a magnet passing through a coil.
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    Just take an example, a copper solenoid(closed circuit connected to a voltmeter) is kept vertically on a table, and a strong bar magnet is passed near it approx 20 cm away, would there be any reading in the voltmeter ?
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    I believe it'll depend on how strong the magnet is..The coil is having air core which has very low permeability..If the magnet is strong enough (I don't know exactly how much),it will induce emf in the coil even being away from the coil..
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