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Concept Question

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    I have a guitar with a pedal and amp. If i have the stuff close together (including the wires) won't the electric/magnetic fields have an affect on these devices?

    Also, if i have the wire that plugs into my guitar coiled, won't that create an inductor type of effect?
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    Yes to both questions. However, I would think that the voltages and currents are pretty low (I've never actually checked, even though I play bass :/) and cables, pedals, and amps are generally shielded against EMF. If you have an old cable handy, cut it open an strip off the top rubber (or fabric) bit. You should see shielding around the inside. If not, it's probably a really really cheap cable >.>
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    Wetmelon is correct about shielding. A larger effect comes from sound feeding back on the guitars strings and cause them to resonate; which is desirable if you're Pink Floyd. :wink:
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