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Conceptional Space/Matter/Cosmology/ Part 3

  1. Oct 14, 2003 #1
    I would to like to suggest reading Conceptional Space/Matter/
    Cosmology first and on to part #2 before proceeding to part#3.
    The reason for this is to establish background reference in the
    mind of the reader as an aid in understanding the subject.

    In part #2 I gave an illustration to "Eh" on space and matter by
    using 1" marbles, this mental image was used to show space is
    related to mass and mass to space. Further that space in theory
    was expanded and contracted as mass in relation also expanded
    or contracted, (i.e) 1000- 1"marbles grouped together as a mass
    in space and as the marbles were expanded from each other to 10"
    then to 100" then to 1000" then to 100,000", in this illustration
    the marbles as they expanded spread out into more space,and as the
    marbles contracted back to their original mass,less space is now
    needed for the same mass. This theory shows that space though
    undefined as absolute or a vacuum but as a condition in which mass
    is able to pass freely from one point to another without obstruction, and that mass or matter has motion in order to move away or closer.
    However the problem arises when matter or the marble in our model
    increases in size itself, where has this extra matter suddenly
    come from? there several explanations,we'll cover four herewith.
    Suppose instead of the one inch marble pulling away from the other
    marbles the marble itself expanded to ten times it's size, we could
    say the marble itself is composed of smaller matter which expanded
    just like our original illustration above, the second idea could be
    that the marble is a solid and attracted other marbles to itself,or
    we say perhaps the marble is soft like clay like qualities which
    bind or meld together other marbles into a single mass but having
    density and even qualities that would give the marble variable and
    potential states. The fourth idea is that the marble is a condition
    of having mass within the one inch it occupies with a tiny particle
    traveling at a velocity that would place the particle everywhere in
    that one inch giving it the properties of a 1" marble when in fact
    it is only 10,000th the size of the one 1" marble. Anyhow these are
    some of the theories but not all. To get back to our model we
    have Space,Matter and are adding motion, as already stated motion as
    used here will be movement,velocity will go into next under part #3
    in this thread sometime this week-end.
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