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Conceptual introduction QFT

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    I am looking for books or papers that explain conceptual ideas that underlie the study of quantum fields. I am looking for something that clearly explains Field measurement. Most text books i am aware of emphasize on the development of formal techniques of Quantum field theory.
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    See the papers in volume 7 of Niels Bohr's collected works. (Foundations of Quantum Physics II, 1933 - 1958)
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    See the first volume of <Quantum Theory of Fields> by St. Weinberg. In chapter 1 he makes a historical introduction, while in his <arxiv> article <What is quantum field theory ?> he delivers an interesting & useful speech.
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    For conceptual issues in QFT, I would suggest the following books:
    P. Teller, An interpretive introduction to quantum field theory
    A. Zee, Quantum field theory in a nutshell
    B. Simons, Concepts in theoretical physics [can be freely and legally downloaded from internet]

    In addition, some conceptual aspects of QFT are discussed also in
    http://xxx.lanl.gov/abs/quant-ph/0609163 [Found.Phys.37:1563-1611,2007]

    Concerning field measurements, I think it is fair to say that fields are NOT objects which are measured in practice.
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