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Conceptual questions

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    I am trying to prepare for a exam. It would be great if someone could help me understand these concepts. Thanks!

    When rounding a curve in your car, you get the impression
    that a force tries to pull you toward the outside
    of the curve. Is there such a force?

    A fisherman wants to reel in a large dead fish hooked
    on a thin fishing line. If he jerks the line, it will break;
    but if he reels it in very gradually and smoothly, it will
    hold. Explain.

    When you are standing on the earth, your feet exert
    a push against the surface. Why doesn’t the earth
    accelerate away from you?

    In a tug–of–war, two teams of children pull on a rope.
    Is the tension constant along the entire length of the
    rope? Along what portion of the rope is it constant?

    When a car accelerates on a level road, the force that
    produces the acceleration is the push of the road on
    the wheels. If so, why does the automobile need an
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