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Conceptual questions

  1. Jan 26, 2005 #1
    what causes sound waves to travel? is it the pressure, or does sound create a vacuum created by air?

    Why is it that if you sing at a really high note you can break a glass? Does it have to do something about resonant frequency of the glass?

    WHy is a pendulum a good basis for a clock? Is it because a pendulum experiences no damping force?

    When two waves of the same frequency combines, then do the beats dissapear?
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    1. Sound travels for the same reasons the whole of a table moves when you push only one end.

    2. Exactly. Some crystals have a resonant frequency that the human singing voice can match.

    3. Whatever the amplitude or time, pendulum frequency is constant.

    4. Frequency has to be absolutely identical for beat to dissapear.
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