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Concern about CERN

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    hi, i was just wondering does anyone know whether, now that Switzerland is pulling out of Schengen it could have any repercussions on people working in CERN and/or the research center itself?
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    Maybe those particles going round and round the LHC will have to stop for a passport check every time they cross the Swiss/French border.
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    challenging task for the border police :) hopefully they'll wear hadron proof vests or there might be issued new search for a Swiss bosom
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    First, Switzerland is not "pulling out of Schengen". Brussels has threatened it in retaliation for a Swiss vote it didn't like, but Brussels says lots of things. There are many ways this could play out.

    Second, Switzerland has only been in Schengen for around 5 years. CERN has been around an order of magnitude longer.

    Third, the most immediate affect will be to make crossing the Route de Meyrin between ATLAS and CERN a lot easier and safer, since there will be huge backups at the border and cars will be moving more slowly.
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    Vanadium 50: Thanks for clarification.
    Funny, i had no clue CERN is by now 60 years old..
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    I don't think that will be an issue. You can always live in the French side and enter CERN from there ;).
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