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Concerning super heated steam?

  1. Nov 4, 2008 #1
    Concerning super heated steam???

    Please refer to u tube under joe pipe to see superheated tests

    The Joe Pipe consists of a 2 x 24 inch iron pipe. Fan air is pumped in from the base and propane 4 inches up from the base.

    To light, the mix is ignited outside of the pipe to generate an exothermic flame.

    Pulling back on the air and fuel pressure 'pops' the flame into the pipe generating a vortexing or spinning blue flame or indothermic reaction.

    The spinning of the exhaust keeps the iron pipe from melting and the flame concentrated in the core of the vortex. The exhaust represents the high pressure and the core of the flame the low pressure zone.

    Now the big question???

    Introducing superheated steam into the eye of the indothermic reaction in the base of the pipe along with the outside fan air, will the oxygen be pulled out of the steam to form copper oxide while releasing the hydrogen?

    Secondly, will the released hydrogen combine with the propane and outside air to create an enhanced endothermic reaction or an increase in the vortex velocity? Will this cause a dramatic increase in the combustion temperature? Presently, the exhaust temperature where no flame is present is about 1, 800' F. My thoughts on this is that the addition of the hydrogen may boost the combustion temperature to beyound the thermoleis of water or 1, 500' C.

    Thirdly, will the increased endothermic spin of the combustion PHASE CHANGE the 3rd state of matter into the 4th state?

    In recent experiments I have seen steam generated in a closed copper pipe with the end flattened, cause a steam burst where the flame was yellow-white. The reaction actually caused vortex to super enhance and litterally shred 6 inches off of the 1/2 inch copper pipe.

    Main purpose of this second phase of testing, is to see if superheated steam passed through a copper or iron injector in the core of the flame with will sustain a hydrogen burn where the propane can be turned off. Now steam would become the dominent fuel.

    For those who may be interested, my personal email is <joshua_light03@hotmail.com>

    Thanks so much. Unlimited heat could soon become a reality. Joshua.
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