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Concervation and Corresopndence Law

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    Dear Sir
    It would be a understatement even to try and explain how strange the quantum world is.
    But is it not possible that we are by our own mass held within a four dimension space and that is why (c) can only go 300,000 klm per/sec because of relitivity mass and why electorn can not crash in on the necleus, we quote, Pauli, Heisenberg, Bohr, Einstein, but the true be know we can not get out of the BOX. Higher dimension is not something above us but it is all all around us. Electrons and Proton and even Photons they exist in many demensions and that could explain one case in point duality and the atom make up, could you please let me know if crazy would be my trouble, or if by chance the Quantum World will not be explain in our life time.
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    Welcome to PF and the MKaku forum, yquantum,

    You are basically correct about the dimensions. If we accept string physics, it HAS to have the extra dimensions to work at all. And yes they contact us at every point of our space.

    Physicists do not use the extra dimensions to explain quantum properties like uncertainty; it seems better to take it as something nature gives us, a basic fact on which we build all our theories, including strings.

    Wave-particle duality may eventually be explained by a theory derived from strings that replaces both particles and waves with the behavior of more basic things, such as strings or their multidimensional siblings, branes. It is hoped by string physicists that they can create predictions of ordinary particle behavior, like electrons and photons, out of "stringy" precursors. This is still a work in progress.

    It is not at all crazy to think along the lines you have, but physicists have found it more productive to think along the lines I have described.
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