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Conciousness effect of reality evidence

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    I'm dean Mullen aged 14, now the other day in school, well a few weeks back or so, I was at PE, basically excercise class, anyway there is a test called the bleep test, we have to run from one end of the hall to the other, I've never got too near completing it, yet this time i tried an effect i call the karma effect, yet it actually has nothing to do with Karma, but anyway I ran the thought over and over again and said my energy is brilliant, and thought that over and over again while meaning it, and against the odds it seemed to create more energy, like it really lead to gaining energy through a conciousness effect, I tend to believe the Physics and Mentallity worlds are inter-changable or connected just like space & time, like my brain waves seemed to have created physical energy, as i completed the test for the first time, it didn't just work with running, it worked on tests as i seemed to imporve my memory, exc. so I wonder is this effect showing that the non-physical consciousness mind & the Physical world are someway or another well inter-changable like space & time.
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    Ivan Seeking

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    Hi dean,
    I think you may be confusing a positive attitude and concentration, with something metaphysical. It is no secret that one's state of mind can have a large effect on one's peformance in almost all respects. Forget the space and time part and recognize that you are only discovering your true abilities. Congratulations!
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